Many Leaders, Little Leadership.

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The 21st century world is facing a major crisis in leadership that spans from the field of politics, business, religion and Education.

Globally, different organizations and institutions are grappling with leadership challenges with serious adverse effects which impinge upon orgainzational growth and institutional effectiveness and efficiency.

It’s not that we don’t have many people occupying offices of leadership in our world. In other words, we have many leaders, but unfortunately, not much leadership because there is much chasm between real leaders and occupiers of  leadership positions.

Real leaders understand that leadership is not position, title and authority but service.


Meanwhile, occupiers of leadership positions do not have this same understanding.

James Strock, the author of serve to lead rightly stated that: “The highest level of leadership is service. The highest level of service is leadership. At the highest level, service and leadership become one”

He who is not prepared to serve has no business in leadership. One of the key principles of 21st century leadership is that service is the heart of leadership

A leader is not someone who commands others. But the one who serves others. People want to consciously, conspicuously, confidently, contentedly and consistently follow a leader with the heart of service. Look around, is anyone following you? If not, YOU ARE NOT A LEADER

Therefore, the solution to the leaderhip crisis is for all aspiring leaders and little-leadership leaders to build and develop inspiring and impactful acts of leadership. Follow these few tips.

A. Prepare to service

No service, no leadership. Serve others with your time, talents, financial resources and potentials and serve your way to leadership.

B. Understand the dynamics of leadership and followership

There are drastic changes in the leadership and value system globally. Events, circumstances and people change. It’s germane to understudy these complexities and easily connect with the people. Remember that a leader should Earn and not Force followership.

C. Constantly update your knowledge

Yesterday’s formula for success is today’s recipe for failure. Continuous learning is non-negotiable.
Albert Einstein “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Stay current, relevant and shun anachronism as much as possible.

D. Develop leadership character

Understand that your character is as important as your ability. Honesty and integrity must not be alien to you. No trust, no followership. Your words and deeds must be in alignment consistently.

E. Sound feedback mechanism

You must understand that the engine room of personal growth and development is honest feedbacks from followers. It’s a form of check and balance when truly acted upon.
Don’t assume you are doing well. Assumption is the worst form of knowledge. Get honest feedbacks to build and improve on your leadership capacity.


I have realized that the shortest distance between Leadership and downfall is arrogance
So pride is the siren that tells everyone that you are about to fall.
Stay humble! Humility costs nothing but buys everything.

Always remember that you can be a leader without being the leader.

Keep leading where you are!

Dr. Marius O. Adeniyi.
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