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About Us

NaijaNotes aims to elevate the thinking of our readers by sharing information and news items to get them informed, involved and evolved. We present your stories as you write them in your ‘notes’. We do not engage in sensational writing to gain competitive edge.

We are non-partisan, non-political group of writers that believe in the power of information and knowledge.  We know our audience are diverse in all ramifications, including ability to comprehend written text. We do not make assumptions, form opinions or become judgemental in our stories. Relatedly, we do not allow trending preconceptions and misconceptions to guide our stories. 

We present a balanced view of issues. This is what we believe. Beyond that however, we wish to help and allow our readers to choose the direction of their thinking by themselves, thus helping to promote critical thinking and avoid bandwagon-effect. 

One key aspect of our website is to share embedded ‘notes’ from Twitter. This way we can better serve our readers while at the same time generating traffic for the sources we list on our platform. Beyond the display, clicking on the Tweets link directly to the Twitter handle of the author of the Tweets and does not link further to our website. This is much the same way as retweeting the Tweet using our Tweeter handle – @NaijaNotes – and embedding same on our website.

We believe learning from others is one way to an improved quality of life and a veritable tool to promote social cohesion. So, we give people the opportunity to share their ‘notes’ and those of others on our platform. 

Even at that, we hold individuals’ right to information and ownership of the contents of their ‘notes’ in high esteem. Consequently,  we refrain from abusing the privilege we have to write about others. 

Our aim is to provide an e-platform with minimal distraction, so as to get our audience immersed in the contents on our website. While we encourage people to share their ‘notes’ and those of others, we reserve the right to choose what we publish.

Furthermore, your name will not appear as the writer of the article or ‘notes’ you share when it is published. It will simply bear NaijaNotes as the author. Nonetheless, you can specifically request that you wish to have your name acknowledged as the author of ‘notes’ you share. In that case, we will require further personal details from you. This is just to safeguard our own integrity and protect you too.

ATTENTION: Please check our privacy policy here to learn how we manage your information.

To share ‘notes’, it will be appreciated if you could include evidence of the ‘notes’ you are sharing. For example, if your are writing based on an instagram post by a celebrity, a link to the post will suffice in this case. This will enable us to double-check the information we are publishing.

It is important to note that your shared ‘notes’ may not be published without such an evidence. Please note that we accept shared ‘notes’ from Nigeria and other parts of the world. Bear in mind too, that we may subject your ‘notes’ to plagiarism check to assess and ascertain  its  originality.

If you are sharing direct news item or any other information from experience, please indicate in your post to us. Should you have any evidence to ascertain the veracity of the story, it will be appreciated if you could share them with us.

If you are writing an article based on your opinion, it s allowed. Simply choose opinion as the category for the post on the front-end and we will use your name as the author and indicate your email.  It must be noted nonetheless, that opinions shared on our platform remain the opinions of the writers. Publishing it does not mean an endorsement.

We say thank you for your interest in what we do and your desire to contribute on our platform. We look forward to receiving your ‘notes’ and sharing them.

So, what are you waiting for?