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We would be deceiving ourselves to think we can use children of the poor abandoned by us as political thugs – Sen. Kashim Shettima , former Gov. of Borno State

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Senator Kashim Shettima of Borno State has thrown a challenge to his colleagues in the 9th Assembly that should they fail to act, their inactions today might be what would consume the country in the future.

Kashim Shettima is the senator representing Borno Central Senatorial District.

In a video posted online by a Nigerian Twitter user, the former Governor of Borno State was seen telling his senator colleagues that they must act to protect public schools from collapse.

“Posterity will judge us harshly if we allow public school system to collapse in this country,” senator Shettima lamented.

He said it was quite shameful that while other countries were talking about big data and artificial intelligence, discussions in Nigeria still hover around herdsmen, farmers’ clash and state policing.

“We need to really up the ante and rise to the challenges of the time”, Sen. Shettima charged.

He said India was already harnessing technology to advantage by using it to teach in their schools, challenging his colleagues that it was doable in Nigeria.

He said it would be foolish of the rich to think they could send their children to posh private schools and assume children of the poor could rot away to be used as political thugs.

“Believe me, Mr chairman and distinguished colleagues, these children of the poor that we abandoned might end up being the Frankenstein’s monster that will consume us.”

The Senator concluded:

“I will urge my distinguished colleagues to take this matter with all the seriousness it deserves.”