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Looming Labour Strike: We are helping government – United Labour Congress

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The Secretary-General of the United Labour Congress (ULC), Comrade Onyeka Chris, has said that the organised labour were helping the government by calling for the implementation of a new minimum wage for Nigerian workers.

He disclosed this today on Channels Sunrise Saturday. He opined that ULC was helping government to do the right thing by insisting on going on strike in order to compel the federal government to do the needful to make Nigerian workers happy.

He was of the opinion that an improvement in the living wage of workers would have a positive impact on the overall productivity of workers and by extension lead to improved performance of the Nigerian economy.

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He further said that President Buhari was taking on a responsibility that was not his own by trying to engage organised Labour on behalf of State governments before going ahead with the presentation of the minimum wage to the National Assembly in preparation for implementation.

Comrade Onyeka said the President should play his part and allow Labour to engage with the State governments as they were adept at engaging with them on issues bothering on workers’ welfare.

Viewers were allowed to send in tweets as the programmed aired. Some of those who sent in tweets during the programme alleged that some Nigerian workers were unproductive doing next to nothing at work.

In response, the ULC Secretary-General said that no worker employed himself or herself and that it was failure of leadership if a worker who ought to do his work failed to do so.

He urged the federal government to do the needful to avert a strike action as Labour were determined to take action, if by the end of January the implementation of the new minimum wage had not commenced.