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Twitter launches audio-only broadcasting

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Twitter, the popular social media platform, has launched a voice-only broadcasting on their platform. This was announced on their official twitter handle @Twitter.

The new audio-only broadcasting is targeted at people who just want to share their audios without the need to include the videos. “Sometimes you just want to talk, without being on camera”, the release reads.

At the moment, it is only being rolled out on iOS. iOS is the operating system for iPhone. Those on android will have to wait.

Twitter lovers expressed their opinions on the desirability or otherwise of the audio-only broadcasting. Some feel it will reduce people’s desire to tweet. Others feel it will help people connect better.

One advantage to this however, especially for those in low and medium income countries, is the fact that audio files are usually lighter than video files. So, for the same amount of information, an audio file will save the user more data than a video file.

It is quite important to point out that access to data services in resource-constrained settings, like the developing economies, is till not universal. And to those who have access, they always seek ways to limit its use in other to save costs. To those in that category, this no doubt, may be a welcome development.

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