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The reason it is in order for ministers to report to chief of staff in Nigeria – ex-presidential aide, Doyin Okupe

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Special Assistant to former President Obasanjo (Media & Publicity) and Senior Special Assistant to former President Jonathan (Public Affairs), Doyin Okupe, has said that is normal for Ministers to report to Chief of Staff in Nigeria to ensure smooth running of the office of the President.

Doyin Okupe, who himself served in the Presidency twice, said that nothing was wrong with the decision of President Buhari to order ministers to report to chief of staff, if they wished to see him.

He says that ministers are constitutional aides of the President, whereas the chief of staff is a trusted personal aide and the head of administration in the presidency.

” Ministers are constitutional aides of Mr President in their respective ministries. Whereas the Chief of staff is a trusted personal aide of the President and the supreme head of the administration in the Presidency.”

By that position, the chief of staff directs presidential appointments and other schedules, which may include diplomatic appointments. It would therefore be embarrassing for a minister who didn’t know the schedule of the President to think he could just jump in.

He says politicians often believe that the president is their colleague or friend and that despite his exalted office, there should be no bureaucratic barriers in seeing him. This, according to Okupe, is not right.

This is often too common with us politicians who considers the President as a colleague or personal friend or associate of long standing, with whom there should not be any bureaucratic barriers even in spite of his new exalted office as the head of state.
However, for the Presidency to run efficiently with a dignified administrative regime, a stratified arrangement of protocol need to be put in place and applied to those who need to see the president officially.

He blamed the ignorance exhibited by those criticizing the President on the issue on the avalanche of information on the internet and the common belief that those who write on the internet are knowledgeable. He said being literate was totally different from having understanding and knowledge.

Okupe wrote:

” The capacity to issue statements and posts on the internet in copious volumes help create the impression that those who write or criticise on the internet also have understanding. Yet, to be literate is not the same as being knowledgeable.” 

Okupe noted that the only thing wrong with the decision was announcing it publicly. “May be the President needed not to have announced it publicly,” Okupe wrote.

He concluded that he spoke from experience and that as someone who had served twice in the Presidency, the views he expressed with respect to the decision of the President was” sacrosanct.”

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