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The legal action I took to make racists eat grasses in Germany – Okocha|VIDEO

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Former Nigerian international football star, Austin Jay Jay Okocha, has revealed details of what he did to make racists eat grasses in Germany.

It will be recalled that Okocha sarted his European football career in Germany.

According to JJ Okocha, the rate of racism was quite high in Germany to the extent that Okocha exclaimed that he “never knew he was black” until he got to Germany!

This was contained in a video that is being shared on social media. It is important to point out that the original source of the video is not clear from the video for the source to be acknowledged.

In the video, Okocha said he needed to also prove to the Germans that he was also a racist to pay them back.

He said: “What do I do that is legal to show that I am also a racist?”

So, “I started dribbling them”, Okocha said, so much so that some of them fell down and literally made to eat grasses on the football pitch, as it were.

You may wish to watch the hilarious video below.