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The job you do determines the politics you play, a new study shows.

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A new study has shown that peoples’ jobs influence the political ideology they connect with – at least in the United States of America. This is the outcome of a study that analysed election donations in the US , from 2014-2018.

The study also found that donations amount also varies in line with political ideology. This is an interesting finding as it helps to show why politicians may be more connected to certain industries when voted into power.

In the United States of America, those who donate to political cause must indicate their names, addresses, occupation and employers. In the study done by Stanford Academic Bonica, over 100 million US state and federal donations were analysed to determine the political ideology of people who work in certain industries.

This is certainly an interesting study – and the findings are even more amazing!

You may wish to read the details of the study here:  Your job is a good indicator of your politics, data show — Quartz at Work