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Single Dads to enjoy up to 2 years of child care leave in India

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Single dads or nanny daddies working with Indian government and having up to two dependent children under their care will be entitled to 730 days’ or two-year Child Care Leave (CCL) during their entire service period, a new government order said.

With this development, the men are now at par with their female counterparts.

The CCL is available for any single dad that wants to make use of it to care for any of the requirements of their children such as education, sickness and so on.

Not until now, this provision was only available for women employees. The women can get CCL in three spells in a year to be used for not more than two children.

This move represents a shift from widely held belief that only women can be the main carers for children in India, reported by the English Times of India.

A single male parent government employee is defined as “an unmarried, or widower, or divorcee government employee,” according to government document.

The 730-day period has been divided into two parts. For the first half, there will not any salary reduction. However, during the second half, the single dad will only be entitled to only 80 percent of their respective salaries.

The new government order also modifies the previous order on CCL for females. Female carers can now now use their CCL in six spells, instead of the three spells earlier.