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See the tricks criminals use to steal your money using your boarding passes -RRS Commander

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A Deputy Commissioner of Police and Commander of Rapid Response Squad in Lagos State, DCP Tunji Disu, has advised Nigerians to always shred their used boarding passes after use.

He gave the advice on his Twitter handle, @TunjiDisu1, where he has been very active and has over 28k followers.

He said that boarding passes contained sensitive information and such data could be extracted, should such a boarding pass fall into the hands of criminals.

He particularly warns that when such boarding passes contain QR/Barcodes, criminals could scan such QR codes/Barcodes to extract names, addresses, and even ATM details of frequent flyers.

And of course, when ATM details are stolen, it is as good as someone losing one’s money to fraudsters.

See the DCP’s tweet below: