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RUGA Policy: Don’t bring “bambi Allah” mentality to National discourse – Aisha Yesufu, co-convener, BBOG

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A civil activist and the co-convener of Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group, Aisha Yesufu, has hinted that the Federal Government’s plan to acquire lands for Fulani herdsmen  through the RUGA policy is promoting “bambi Allah” mentality .

She gave the hint while reacting to a tweet  by one Abdukadir Yusuf Kaita on Twitter on the RUGA Policy of the Federal Government, describing his comment as an attempt to sneak “bambi Allah” mentality into national discourse

In an apparent reaction to the suspension of the RUGA settlement scheme by the Federal Government, Kaita has queried the rational behind the decision.

According to Kaita, if the Igbo can own shops in the north, while can’t the Fulani have lands in the south.

Kaita said:

“If an IGBO can own a plaza in Kano, own a shop and houses in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi and Katsina, why denying FULANI to own RUGA in south are they not Nigerians?”

Aisha Yesufu, in replying to the tweet, reminded Kaita that the “Igbo” bought those property he mentioned and did not wait for government funds before acquiring them.

Yesufu noted that there was no where in Nigeria where hausa have been prevented from begging  just like the Igbo trade in every part of Nigeria unhindered.

She wrote:

“The ‘Igbo’ bought it. The ‘Igbo’ did not wait for government. Don’t bring ‘bambi Allah’ mentality to National discourse.

“A ‘hausa’ has not been stopped from begging in any part of Nigeria. The way you see ‘Igbo’ trading in every part of Nigeria is the way you see ‘hausa’ begging.”

“Bambi Allah” mentality
 is a beggarly mentality derived from its typical usage by a
Hausa man
when begging for alms.
It is a way of pleading that Allah should answer the prayers of the individual from whom they are  seeking alms and bless them. It is often used in a song form,
“àdúrà agbà, ‘bambi Allah’.
“BAMBI ALLAH MENTALITY” thus connotes a dependency and entitlement mentality of the citizenry, akin to what President Muhammadu Buhari referred to last year.

By using “bambi Allah mentality” in relation the the RUGA policy therefore, Aisha Yesufu may be referring to the fact that the RUGA policy is an attempt to promote already entrenched beggarly attitude that relies on government to do everything for the citizens instead of them taking charge of their own lives.

See Aisha Yesufu’s reply below: 

Aisha Yesufu’s reply to a comment on RUGA.