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Pregnant Linda Ikeji looks ‘sexy’

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Pregnancy is a thing of joy. It is a desire of most women. During pregnancy however, there are various physical, hormonal and psychological changes that affect a woman. Many women put on weight and majority may experience changes in their moods.  Pregnancy, no doubt constitute a stressful situation on the woman and many women find it difficult to get back to shape after delivery.

For celebrity blogger and CEO, Linda Ikeji, her case is different. Even though she has experienced some changes in her physical outlook because of her pregnancy, she still looks radiant. And she doesn’t hide it.

In a series of posts on her instagram page, she gives a different version of herself in her pregnant state. She even described herself as being ‘sexy’ in one of the posts.

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In on instance, she was at the Gym enjoying herself and dancing. The pregnancy has not slowed her down. And she relishes her new looks as she would soon become a mother. 

We say congratulations to Linda and wish her safe delivery.

Check out some of her photos below.

See her dance below