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Polio Eradication: Ondo Organises Second Round Outbreak Response Campaign.

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As part of its commitment to Polio eradication, the Ondo State government has announced that, from tomorrow Saturday 15th to Tuesday 18th June 2019, the second round of Outbreak Response (OBR) campaign on Polio will be carried out across the 18 LGAs of the State.

This was announced on Thursday during a special broadcast on Outbreak Response Campaign on Polio, monitored on Positive FM in Akure.

The programme brought to the studios the representatives of Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Agency who were in the studios to shed more light on the campaign.

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The representatives of Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Agency on the programme were Dr Adefesoye Victor, Director Disease Control and Immunization; Dr Abiona Samuel, Director Community Health Services and Education; Mrs. Olagundoye, the State Immunization Officer, and Mrs Akinyosoye, the sSate Health Educator.

The officers said that eligible children, aged 0-5 years, would be given oral Polio vaccine during the exercise.

They highlighted that it was an important campaign, as Nigeria remained one of the three countries still holding the world back in the fight against Polio. Other countries, according to the speakers, are Afghanistan and Pakistan.

According to the speakers, the campaign represents a continuation of the fight against Polio in the State having held the first round from May 18 to 21.

The repeated vaccination is to boost the immunity of children in Ondo State and break the transmission of the virus, the representatives said.

The team sought the cooperation of members of the public in the fight to eradicate Polio in Nigeria.

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They said that health workers would be going from house-to-house, visit churches and schools and thus solicited for heads of schools and churches to allow for eligible children to be vaccinated.

They also reminded caregivers that other routine immunization antigens would be given to children aged 0-11 months at the various health facilities scattered in locations around them.

During the programme, houses would be marked for the purpose of monitoring what is being done and tracking children already vaccinated.

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Therefore, the team appealed to all house owners to allow their houses to be marked during the exercise.

The team also use the opportunity to debunked rumors about the safety of vaccination concluding that it is “effective, safe and free.”

They consequently urged mothers and caregivers to ensure their eligible children (aged 0-5 years) get vaccinated during the exercise.