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Panic as devices suspected to be bomb exploded in Ondo

Akure bomb blast
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Residents of Akure and environs were woken up around 1.00 am to a loud sound and massive shaking of the ground in what they later found out to be an explosion along Akure-Owo road, not far from the Akure airport.

Unconfirmed reports say that materials suspected to be explosive devices exploded as they were being transported through the area.

Many houses around the area had their roofs blown off. A church, “Possibility Church”, near the area had its roof blown off and many other structures shattered. Some have even been feared injured as it is suspected that there were people in the church at the time of the explosion.

A gorge created by the blast
Shattered building around the blast
Roof of nearby houses blown off

SUNSHINETRUTH quoted a source as saying that “those people who are moving the bomb to the north, are still being buried on ground with their security vehicle at the scene while those at the Mission home of that church have been rushed to the federal medical centre, Owo.”

“Some people are on danger list now, while some have gone (feared dead); the sound (of the blast) woke everybody around 1: 00am today. God should just have mercy o.”

The blast has divided the road that connects Akure and Owo into two. People have gathered around the scene with severe implications for the social distancing approach to combating COVID-19.

There have been no words from the state government although the Commissioner of Police, Ondo state, Andie Undie is said to be on his way to the scene.