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Neonatal Deaths: How 11 babies died in one week in Kenyatta National Hospital

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11 babies have reportedly died from Kenyatta National Hospital last week in the neonatal unit of the hospital.

According to newspaper reports across Kenya, the death is suspected to have occured from possible bacteria infection, specifically Klebsiella. Klebsiella is a type of bacteria that causes infections.

Sources, who would not like to be named, have said that the infections resulted from the poor condition of the ward where the children were kept.

According to the Nation of Kenya, because of lack of feeding tubes, ” nurses are forced to use syringes and other tubes used to aspirate — suck fluids — for feeding the babies.”

In addition, a secret investigation by Daily Nation also shows that up to three children share a cot, which makes it easy for them to spread such infections.

But because these infections are hospital acquired,  they are often  difficult to treat. The Nation noted :

“Drug resistance expert Sam Kariuki, who holds a doctorate in microbiology, said the Klebsiella at the hospital cannot be treated with the usual antibiotics because ‘it has been circulating in the hospital for some time, interacting with other bacteria, collecting and exchanging resistant elements’. “

Unfortunately, why the health workers are recording and reporting their concerns, the authorities have not done enough to turn the tide.