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Lagos Okada ban is least thought and planned – Dr. Joe Abah

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A governance and public policy expert, Dr. Joe Abah, has described the Okada ban by the Lagos State government as the least thought and planned from public policy perspective.

Writing on his verified Twitter handle, Dr. Joe Abah opined that the government could have introduced the alternatives first rather than put the people through needless hardship.

He argued that it was important for government to see if the alternatives would work before going ahead with the ban.

Some of his followers who commented on the tweet commended him for the tweet and some even asked him to join politics so that people could benefit from his advice.

A user, who goes by the name The Celebrity LaundryMan, disagreed and wrote on the tweet:

“While I won’t want to join the defense team for the Lagos State Govt, I doubt people would explore the alternatives that the Government is putting out with the presence of the normal alternative.

“I haven’t studied it so i cannot speak for the policy.”

But Dr. Joe Abah said that if government had introduced the alternatives and the people had failed to use them, then it would have provided the government with a high moral ground to introduce the ban and people wouldn’t be put through hardship as they would be forced to use the alternatives.

It will be recalled that the Lagos State government had banned the use of the popular Okada and tricycles (Keke) in the State. Tha ban affects 15 local council areas of the State.