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Kaduna Crisis: Government imposed 24-Hour Curfew

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The Kaduna State Government has announced a 24-hour curfew as part of measures to control the Kaduna crisis. This was announced today in a tweet by the State Government through the official Twitter handle of the Governor, @GovKaduna.

Crisis first broke out in the state following disagreements between two people at Kasuwan Magani. In his earlier message to them, the Governor told the people to “embrace peace and harmony, despite religious and ethnic diversity.”

Malam El-Rufai also stated that his Government would not spare those who instigate crisis in the state.  He said Police authorities had already arrested some suspects connected with the crisis.

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Meanwhile, Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, has condemned the violence that erupted in Kaduna state. The President lamented that 55 innocent people lost their lives because of the violence. He said that the Police had been authorised to do everything to bring the fracas under control.

The President also appealed to concerned parties “to always choose dialogue, patience and tolerance, to prevent crisis from escalating”. Hear Mr. President: “The disregard for the sanctity of human life is unacceptable. Violence is an ill-wind that blows nobody any good. I appeal to community leaders and citizens to always choose dialogue, patience and tolerance, to prevent crises from escalating into violence.”

The President in addition commended the Kaduna state government for their prompt response.

Police deploy Special Intervention Team.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Police have said that a Special Intervention Team had been deployed in response to the crisis in Kaduna State. This was announced today at a Press Release by the police. The team is being led by the AIG in charge of Zone 7.

According to the Police, a total of 22 persons directly involved in the incidents have been arrested and in Police custody. In addition, prominent persons kidnapped in the course of the incidents have also been rescued.

 You can see the full text of Police Press Release today on Kaduna Crisis.