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It is evidence of extreme poverty when CELEBRITIES buy cars and it makes headlines in Nigeria- Reno Omokri

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Award winning author, Reno Omokri, has said that it is a sign of poverty when celebrities in Nigeria buy cars and it makes headlines.

It is commonplace these days on some social media platforms to see posts of Nigerian celebrities buying cars becoming major headlines.

Reno wondered if a celebrity needed to be celebrated because of the purchase of a car, querying “are you really a celebrity?”

According to him, many of the cars are not new but used cars imported from Europe. Only “the world headquarters for extreme poverty” can such be celebrated as an achievement, according to Reno.

Reno said:

“It only proves that we are the world headquarters for extreme poverty when our CELEBRITIES buy cars and it makes headlines. Many of these cars are even used as taxis in Europe. If you have to buy a car to be CELEBRATED, are you really a CELEBRITY?”

See Reno’s Tweet below: