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Internet Shutdown In Ethiopia Amid Coup Scare

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Internet connectivity has been shut down in Ethiopia, following an attempted coup in the regional state of Amhara.

An internet monitoring Observatory, reported an internet outage corresponding to 99% impact on the country on Sunday 23rd June 2019.

The internet cut was first observed on On Saturday 22 June at 8.15pm UTC with nationwide impact as of 9.00 pm same day, has reported.

The objective of the internet black out is not known and it is not clear who has ordered the cuts.

It is not clear if it was ordered by those who attempted to take over power, or government trying to avert the take over.

What is clear however, is that the outage is beyond the northern Amhara State where attempted coup occured. reported that contiguous parts of Africa corresponding to two-thirds the size of the EU, covering Ethiopia and Sudan, is currently cut off from the rest of the world due to internet shut down.