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In the boxing ring, I am Albert Einstein – Floyd Mayweather

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All time boxing winner, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, has said that when it comes to boxing, he is unmatched. In apparent reference to the brilliance, knowledge, respect and achievements of the German-born theoretical Physicist, Albert Einstein, Mayweather says: “In the boxing ring, I’m Albert Einstein”.

He made the assertion during the Christmas season on his verified Instagram handle, @floydmayweather.

He was reacting to a Twitter post by Oscar De La Hoya, an American Boxing promoter, with whom Floyd Mayweather in recent past.

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In the post, De La Hoya had wished his followers Merry Christmas and misspelt some words.

See De La Hoya Christmas Tweet below :

The tweet that sets off the row.

In responding to the tweet through his IG @floymayweather, Mayweather sneered at De La Hoya on the words spelt wrongly, taking his time to rewrite the entire tweet the way it ought to be.

See the images below:

Responding to the criticisms, De La Hoya said he deliberately baited Mayweather to see if he was going to respond to the tweet. According to De La Hoya, he purposely misspelt those words in the tweet just for Floyd Mayweather’s attention. Read De La Hoya’s response in the tweet below:

De La Hoya reaction to the attack by Floyd Mayweather

What is your thought on De La Hoya’s excuse for the tweet? Check the comments of De la Hoya fans to the tweet in their comments.

I make 9 million dollars in 9 minute walk through says Floyd Mayweather

Meanwhile, Mayweather has said that he will be making 9 million dollars during his 9 minute fight in Japan tonight. He described the fight as a 9 minute walk through.

Mayweather had earlier described the fight as purely an entertainment. He will be taking on Japanese prodigy, Tenshin Nasukawa, tonight, a New Year’s Eve multimillion-dollar entertainment boxing.

Though Mayweather has given a modest figure of earnings from the fight, media analysts have said he could make up to $125 million in this fight with the ‘Ninja Boy.’

The fight will take place in three rounds of 3 minutes making a total of 9 minutes. Under the rule guiding the match, no winner will be declared unless there is a knock-out.