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If only I was that half a bad bitch…Daniella Okeke

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Nigeria actress, film maker and CEO, Daniella Okeke, says that she is not the image the people create for her on social media. She says she finds it funny when she reads the persona created for her on social media, knowing that she is the exact opposite of peoples’  assumptions. 

She says someone once told her that God has endowed her with a “badgirl image”  and that she should use it to her advantage. “Sometimes”, she continues, “I read some lies, fake and wrong stories about me on social media and I laugh so hard and wish if only I was that half a bad bitch????”, she writes on her IG page.

Even though it may sound surprising, Daniella says the truth is that those who know her well can attest to her shyness, especially when it comes to sexiness or sexuality. When it comes to that area, it is not he thing.  “I get very uncomfortable”, she remarked.

However, Daniella decided to throw shyness off and get comfortable by making an exception to showcase  her sexy side. She posted a sexy photo of hers on IG, saying:  “I will make an exception today becos I am a beautiful who is blessed and wonderful made…and am proud of the beautiful natural body that am in”, concluding “this is a beautiful picture and if you don’t like it, you are a hater???? ????”

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