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Ezekwesili To Lazy Nigerian Politicians: Oil “Will Soon Exist For Your Drinking Only.”

Ezekwesili on good governance
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Former Minister of Education and co-convener #BringBackOurGirls and #RedCardMovement, Oby Ezekwesili, has said that over dependent on oil is driving worthless politics in Nigeria, warning politicians that oil will soon exist for only for their drinking pleasure.

Perhaps her statement is a tacit reference to how worthless the commodity will soon become with the clamour for green energy worldwide.

Ezekwesili disclosed this in her response to a tweet by one Adamu Garba, who said he would have preferred that America  go to war with Iran to drive an increase in oil prices to fund Nigeria budget.

According to Adamu, the war would have benefitted Nigeria by leading to an increase in oil prices, Nigeria being a major oil exporter in the world.

Ezekwesili said:

“You want a third Gulf War so oil prices can rise to fund Nigeria’s budget? This indolent obsession with Oil is what fertilizes the worthless politics of your kind and your principals/mentors. Don’t worry. It will soon exist ‘for your drinking only.’ What an Onuku to the world.”

She further said that politics of oil-money-infested minds can never deliver positive results of governance, concluding that such “is a lazy mindset that cannot imagine a NIGERIA without oil.”

It will be recalled that US President, Donald Trump, had threatened to go to war with Iran following the shooting down of an unmanned American surveilance  drone in Iran recently.

Tehran had then said that the drone flew in Iranian airspace, while Washington  insisted that the drone flew in international airspace.

President Donald Trump had later changed his mind on the proposed war with Iran in the last minute.