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Ex-Anglican Reverend gets the ‘First Face Award’ in Ekiti sexual offenders’ album.

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An ex-Anglican Reverend has become the first person to be named and shamed in Ekiti sexual offenders’ naming and shaming scheme introduced on Friday.

This move was announced today by the Ekiti State Governor, John Kayode Fayemi, on his Twitter handle,@kfayemi.

In a tweet with #SayNotoRape, the governor announced that “today, we commence the naming and shaming of convicted sexual offenders in Ekiti State.”

The first person to be so named and shamed is one Rev. Asateru Gabriel, formerly of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Ifisin-Ekiti, who is at the moment serving a five-year jail term for raping a seven (7) year old girl.

He thus bags the ‘First Face Award,’ as it were, having become the first person to be so named as the naming and shaming service begins.

The name of the offender has also been added to Ekiti State Ministry of Justice Sexual Offenders’ register.