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Don’t Waste Your Money On Burial Celebrations – Reno Omokri

Reno o Omokrin Burial Ceremony
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Former presidential aide to Goodluck Jonathan, author and civil activist, Reno Omokri, has said that it is senseless to spend millions of naira on conducting what he termed ‘befitting burial’ for aged parents who were not cared for during their lifetime.

According to Omokri, people fly thousands of miles across oceans to go to their villages to perform burial celebrations, even though such parents in their lifetime may have been abandoned without rehabilitation.

He disclosed this on his verified Twitter handle where he commands over 700 thousand followers.

Omokri said that spending such money to rehabilitate dead aged parents in their lifetime could have made them to live longer.

It is noteworthy that one of the biggest celebrations in Nigeria is burial ceremony. Many people spend millions, and sometimes billions of naira, to conduct what they consider ‘befitting burial’ for their loved ones.

Such celebrations can go on for days with many rites and traditional activities, depending on the culture of the individuals concerned, which is often dictated by their ethnic affiliations.

It is usually accompanied by fanfare, music, wining and dining, with assorted foods and drinks from alcoholic to non-alcoholic, cheap and expensive and different attires and adornments for family members, clubs, societies, political, religious and traditional affiliates.

The celebrations are even better and bigger when the dead are considered of a ripe age – meaning that they did not die young, had children and/or other achievements to their credit. The celebrations however, depend on the pocket of those left behind by the dead.

In fact, there is this common saying among the Yorubas that “a kìí pa owó òkú sí lẹ́”, meaning that you don’t need to save money to be spent on the burial ceremony of the dead before their death. The import is clear: some believe that people would always contribute to help you give your aged parents a “befitting burial.”

Even those who ordinarily would not help the deceased family in time of need during the ailing period of the dead, will contribute to buy coffin and invite musicians, etc,  for such celebrations.

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Also, there were instances when people would spend money to renovate buildings to make them attractive to visitors coming to the village for burial ceremony and give a semblance of the seeming good life of the parents while alive. Meanwhile the houses were not made befitting for the parents before they died.

Therefore, Omokri advised that such expenditures  are wasteful and belittle one’s finances.

Omokri thus reaches the conclusion that money should be used to promote life not death.

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