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Chris Atoh’s Wife Killer Revealed

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The Greenbelt Police have revealed the man they believed killed Chris Atoh’s wife, Bettie Jennifer.

Bettie Jennifer was shot in the presence of about 10 witnesses, according to Police report.

Bettie Jennifer was killed in the parking lot of the building where her company is located in an incident the Police say was not ‘random’.

However, Police haven’t named a suspect or the motive behind the killing yet.

The face revealed is a sketch that preliminary investigations believe belongs to the man who pulled the trigger of the gun that killed Bettie.

See the face below.

Face of the suspect in Bettie Jennifer’s killing

Bettie was allegedly still married to a Baltimore-area drug dealer, Kendrick, at the time of her murder. Kendrick is currently serving term in prison on drug-related charges.