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Buhari To Ninth National Assembly Losers: Be Gallant in Defeat

Buhari congratulates national assembly members
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President Muhammadu Buhari has congratulated the principal officers of the ninth National Assembly, encouraging the losers to stay gallant in defeat and cooperate with the victors.

The President gave the charge yesterday in his congratulatory message to the members of the ninth national assembly and their political parties. President Buhari commended all the actors of the ninth national assembly and their parties  for the  “display of patriotism and non-partisanship before and during” the  elections.

The President said that the true winners of the elections that took place at the ninth national assembly were Nigerians who voted the members into the national assembly.

President Buhari said:

“I urge all contestants who lost out to be gallant in defeat, and to join hands with the victors. And to the victors, I urge you to exhibit magnanimity. At the end of the day, we, the people, who elected our representatives at the national level, are the winners.”

He further said that the transparent nature of the election was a plus to Nigeria democracy and it was indeed commendable.

The President was quick to remind Nigerians that the Executive arm of government was not out to install a rubber stamp assembly.

“Let me make it clear that the Executive does not desire a rubber stamp Legislature. And while separation of powers is essential, collaboration among all Arms of Government should be the name of the game. Opposition need not be virulent,” President Buhari said.

He expressed delight at the turn of events, describing the election of the principal officers as a “new dawn” and a departure from the deception and the distrust of the immediate past.

“Today marks a new dawn, different from the duplicity and perfidy of the immediate past,” he said.

President Buhari urged all the legislators to use their exalted position for the growth of Nigeria democracy.

“We all, including today’s winners, must use our exalted positions for the higher interest of Nigeria, her people, and for the growth of our democracy… Stepping into the Next Level, the legislature has a big role to play for the goals of our administration to be achieved, and for the ultimate good of the nation,” President Buhari said.