Blessing Okoro: Faking House Ownership Not A Crime – Reno Omokri

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Ex-aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan and award winning author, Reno Omokri, has said that “lying that you own a house that you don’t own” is not a crime.

Reno said this on his Twitter handle while reacting to the arrest, handcuffing and harassment of Blessing Okoro, a blogger that faked ownership of a mansion by taking photographs with the building and sharing it on social media.

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The real owner of the house allegedly flew in from China because of the claim, and got Blessing arrested by security operatives.

The vocal ex-presidential aide, who is a contributor and commentator both on national and international issues, said while Blessing’s act was “immoral and dishonest”, it was not a CRIME.

“Trespass”, according to Reno, “is a CIVIL TORT” but far from being a crime.

It is important to point out that Mr. Omokri is a trained lawyer with Masters in Law from a UK University.

Mr. Omokri berated the harsh treatment meted out to Blessing, saying that the treatment in itself is the crime in the whole fake house ownership saga.

Mr. Omokri said further:

“The only CRIME I see here is the arrest, handcuffing and public harassment of Blessing Okoro”.

See Mr. Omokri’s tweets below:

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