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Amid COVID-19 lockdown, Ben Murray-Bruce cries out from America

Ben Murray-Bruce COVID-19
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Former Nigerian senator representing Bayelsa East (2015-2019) has cried out from America that he misses Nigeria.

In a tweet on his verified Twitter handle, the senator expressed deep emotions by saying he could not wait to return home to Nigeria.

‘No place like home’ is a popular saying. The case of the former Bayelsan senator has just demonstrated that.

The senator showed a photograph of himself wearing a black hood and black face-mask as a show of the current everyday life in America.

“This is how we are currently living in America. I miss Nigeria. I can’t wait to return,” Ben Murray-Bruce says.

America has been one of the countries worst-hit by COVID-19 with more than 500,000 cases and over 18,000 deaths as of Friday, reports CNN.

See the senator’s tweet below: