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After donating his kidney to save her, man’s proposal for marriage rejected.

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How would you feel if you donated your kidney to the woman you love to save her life, and she rejected your proposal for marriage?

This is one example of stories that do not happen everyday. But it does happen in South London, has reported.

Simon Louis, 49 and Mary Emmanuelle, 41 had met years back. Although they once kissed, nothing much happened between them afterwards.

However, Simon feelings for her kept growing over the years and he would often send her flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s day.

Then in 2014, Mary who worked as a stockbroker secretary, suddenly collapsed and was found by her son, Dwayne. Mary was taken for treatment. The Diagnosis? End-stage kidney disease and Mary’s only hope for survival was a kidney transplant.

However, finding a matching donor was difficult because of her rare blood group, B – Negative.

Mary said:

“I couldn’t believe it – I was given a death sentence. My name was put on ‘dead donor list’. I could only wait”.

After discharge from the hospital, Simon went visiting at Mary’s and took care of her. He went as far as feeding and even bathing her. Sometimes, Simon would sleep over just to care for Mary.

So, one day Simon suggested they got tested if their blood would match so he could donate his kidney to her.

As it is routine in medical practice, they both spent months to undergo evaluation for the procedure, and the kidney transplant surgery was successful eventually.

The two had to recover and they helped each other all through the process of recovery.

As they both gradually got back to health, Simon couldn’t hold his feelings any longer and asked Mary if she would marry him. Mary declined.

Mary said :

“I let him down gently by saying I’d have to think about it.

I think I ‘d worry if we got married it would in some way damage our special friendship and also I don’t want to get wed until I’m fully better health-wise.”

On his part, Simon had no regrets donating his kidney to Mary.

Simon said:

“I didn’t think twice about it. There’s no question about doing something like that for someone you love.”

There are different lengths people can go for love. How far can you?

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