5 ways to grow long relaxed hair and retain your inches.

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By: Oluwatofunmi Bamisile

1. Wash your hair with sulphate free shampoo; use a mild shampoo suited for moisturizing or a repairing hair shampoo.

2. Deep condition your hair for moisture, necessary vitamins and soft hair.

3. Moisturize by sectioning your hair; moisturized hair is a whole lot less prone to breakage.

4. Protective styling; stay away from high tension braids and weaves that pulls your hair or edges.

5. Trim your spit ends; the longer your split ends are left untrimmed the more your hair break and the shorter your hair becomes.

Note: The application of relaxers does not make your hair healthy.

Your hair could be unhealthy, take care of your hair, enhance your beauty with your hair.

Your hair can still grow, just love your hair and be happy.

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